NanKang Biotech Incubation Center

An incubator is a facility and/or program that provides start-up companies with an environment and variety of services to help them grow more quickly and more successfully.

NBIC, the only biotechnology incubator in Taiwan

The NanKang Biotech Incubation Center (NBIC) is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan. It is currently commissioned to a team from the Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) for operation and management. The NBIC is dedicated to providing "full service and total solution" to biotech start-up companies to foster rapid growth and success. The NBIC also partners with local universities, research institutes, hospitals, law firms, business, human resource companies and also foreign organizations and companies to provide integrated services to the clients. Most of these services are on-site and free of charges. Furthermore, frequent seminars, forums, workshops and networking opportunities are held in the incubator. The NBIC also assists its tenants in application for government-support, since the beginning of NBIC the total financial support obtained by the NBIC incubatees from the government had accumulated to over NTD 203million (~USD6.78million). Start-up in the incubator can also have access to technical supports from the nearby DCB for research in protein, small molecule and botanical drugs, as well as contract services for preclinical drug development covering toxicology and pharmacology studies, and cGMP production of clinical materials. In addition, assistance in market research, patent analysis, technology valuation, technology transfer, partnership facilitation and financing arrangement can be obtained from the other government- sponsored services currently managed by the DCB.

NBIC has been honored with “Soft Landings International Incubator Designation” by National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship, which shows the capability of NBIC for incubating SME from foreign countries.

 Admission Requirements

  • Start-up or individual applicants should prepare an executable business proposal and viable business plan for developing proprietary biotech products or providing biotech-related services.
  • A business license must be obtained by the individual applicant within 6 months after the entering of NBIC. Subsidiary or branch office of foreign companies must register in Taiwan.
  • The applicant should allocate resources for business operation, and must be willing to follow rules and regulations of the NBIC regarding safety and pollution-control issues.

Application Process
The application process starts with submission of the application form, which is available on the NBIC website ( After an initial information-exchange meeting on the nature of proposed business and available services from the incubator, a business plan is submitted for review by the NBIC management. The applicant will then present the business plan to a review committee of five members. Decisions for the admission are based on assessments by the NBIC management and feedbacks from the review committee.

Lease & Membership  
The current rental fee is 454 NTD/M2 (or, $1.25 USD/SF) per month. The room size ranges from 65 to 90 M2 (700-1000 SF). The rental fee covers high-speed data access and a variety of professional services. The tenants are responsible for furnishings, fixtures, equipment and utilities in their own space. Lounges, conference room, meeting rooms, common central labs, tissue-culture rooms, washing rooms, shared equipments and devices are freely accessible to the tenants. For management purpose, nominal fees will be charged for usages of the conference room and some common instruments. The lease is renewed annually and is usually limited for three years but negotiable. The tenants "graduate" from the incubator when they are ready to go independent, or when they outgrew the provided space and services, or when they are acquired or merged. Non-resident memberships (Categories 2, 3, 4) are also available as follows:

  • Category 2: For full services without a room space, NTD 10,000 (~USD 300)/month.
  • Category 3: For access to the NBIC e-Library and some services at discount prices, NTD 10,000  (~USD 300)/year
  • Category 4: Negotiable for customized services.


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